2009.7.14 revised





Established as a non-profit organization for health research and dissemination of public health information as approved by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture based on the donation of Prof. emeritus Kanji Tsuji.

[1957] Extended its activities to include the supply of blood for transfusion.

Established a blood bank.

[1972] According to the administrative advice of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, refocused its efforts on clinical laboratory examinations.

Committed its laboratory examination operations to the Blood Research Laboratory Co.Ltd.


Established the International Institute of Technological Analysis (Director: Prof.H.Hatano).

Opened a new research and administration office at the 5th floor of the Institut Pasteur de Kyoto.


Celebrated fiftieth anniversary.


Celebrated fifty-fifth anniversary.


Abolished the International Institute of Technological Analysis.

[2001] Commemorated its sixtieth anniversary with the International Symposium on Radiation and Homeostasisi: From cellular response to whole body response in July, 2001, in Kyoto.